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Hi in this session I'm going to show you how to use Excel to make graph paper so if your familiar graph paper basically is just paper with a grid and very commonly used in school work assignments where you need to chart out things so instead of going to the store and buying graph paper you can actually use Excel to make your own graph paper, so I'll show an example of how to make something like this where you would have well I guess I show three examples where you'd have basically your grid and then maybe one with this example where you have grid and then the numbers on the top and all to signify the columns and to signify the roles and then also an example where you would have a column headings be letters and the rows be row numbers very similar to what you've already seen in Excel where you have the columns as letters and the row as numbers so let's go and see how you do that let me go ahead and go to sheet 1 here and what we want to do first is we want to set our display settings in Excel that's the first thing we want to do we want to set the display settings to look at to make these columns inches and the row inches, and we also want to set our margins so the first thing we want to do is we want to depend on how you want our squares to be right now you've noticed that our cells are rectangles in order to make a proper grid this must be a square so depending on how large you want your square to be if you wanted to be in inches or centimeters and millimeters you need to set that up first and in order to do that we need to go into the Excel options view we're going to click on the file tab to go into the backstage view and in the file tab we want to go to options and when we're in Excel options want to click on the advanced in the navigation here and on the right navigation we want to scroll down to where it says display and under display you'll see ruler units with a drop-down, so we're going to set the units to in our case we're going to set it to inches but depending on how you want your setup you can either do centimeters or millimeters but let's go with inches and let's say that we want to do quarter inches for our squares once we select that would click OK, and you'll notice nothing has changed so what we want to do is one go in from normal view this is a normal view we want to go to the page layout view to see that, so we're in page layout view you'll notice that there are rulers up at the top and on the side and what we want to do is we want to change our grids to make it into a square of the quarter inch on the width and a quarter inch on the height, so I want to do is I want to select the whole range of cells and I can click here to do that, so now we have our whole sheet selected here it basically has selected all the columns and all the rows so what we want to do is we want to right-click on the column since they're also like that we can just right-click and on the drop-down go under and see column width now we see that we have a...
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